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TCP/IP是“transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol”的簡寫,中文譯名為傳輸控制協議/互聯網絡協議, TCP/IP(傳輸控制協議/網間協議)是一種網絡通信協議,它規范了網絡上的所有通信設備,尤其是一個主機與另一個主機之間的數據往來格式以及傳送方式。TCP/IP是INTERNET的基礎協議,也是一種電腦數據打包和尋址的標準方法。在數據傳送中,可以形象地理解為有兩個信封,TCP和IP就像是信封,要傳遞的信息被劃分成若干段,每一段塞入一個TCP信封,并在該信封面上記錄有分段號的信息,再將TCP信封塞入IP大信封,發送上網。在接受端,一個TCP軟件包收集信封,抽出數據,按發送前的順序還原,并加以校驗,若發現差錯,TCP將會要求重發。因此,TCP/IP在INTERNET中幾乎可以無差錯地傳送數據。 對普通用戶來說,并不需要了解網絡協議的整個結構,僅需了解IP的地址格式,即可與世界各地進行網絡通信。
TCP/IP is the abbreviation of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. The Chinese translation is called Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is a network communication protocol that regulates the network. All communication devices, especially the data exchange format between one host and another host, and the transmission method. TCP/IP is the basic protocol of INTERNET and is also a standard method for packetizing and addressing computer data. In data transmission, it can be visually understood that there are two envelopes. TCP and IP are like envelopes. The information to be transmitted is divided into several segments. Each segment is stuffed into a TCP envelope, and points are recorded on the envelope. The segment number information, then insert the TCP envelope into the IP envelope and send it to the Internet. At the receiving end, a TCP software package collects the envelopes, extracts the data, restores them in the order they were sent, and verifies them. If an error is found, TCP will request retransmission. Therefore, TCP/IP can transmit data almost without error in the Internet. For ordinary users, they do not need to understand the entire structure of the network protocol. They only need to know the IP address format to communicate with the rest of the world.